The beginning

So here goes.

My father got here some 50 years ago. So I was born and raised here.  By here I mean the United States.  I’m a Muslim. And this blog is being dedicated to challenging the concept of Muslims that the media has created.  A lot of Muslims, I’d venture to say 99% feel like it’s propaganda, but I mean I’m not the official spokesperson.

I’m not religious, and since we’re being honest here, I will tell you that’s a hard thing to say in our community.  The vast majority of Muslims hold on to at least some aspect of their faith, even if its only abstaining from pork. Some feel like you’re not Muslim if you don’t cover your hair, or pray five times a day.  I’d say the majority of us are in between.

That I’m a Muslim woman may inspire a visual of an exotic woman with a hijab and great  eyebrows.  I neither wear hijab nor have especially pretty eyebrows. I wear jeans from Gap, shirts that make my mother in law slightly uncomfortable, clothing from whatever place has the best deal. I fast in Ramadan, or I don’t. It just depends on what I feel like doing. I’ve dabbled in alcohol, never touched pork. I’m a GOOD person.

I welcome any comments or questions anyone may have about my faith.  I’m not an expert but I have access to many experts. I have my own experiences, and I have my own research (I studied theology in college).  It’s important that we talk, because unless we get to know each other, people are just going to keep finding reasons to hate one another and justify killing whomever, whenever. Both sides. We all have something to lose.

So lets talk?

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